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Meet The Dye's

Darrell and Stacey Dye opened Transformative Health in Kelowna in 2012.  Since then they have created an amazing community in Kelowna and online. 


They have recently moved their family to the Courtenay, BC, and are so excited to be expanding their work online and in the Comox Valley.

Stacey Dye has been a natural health practitioner since 2005, when she began practicing Holistic Nutrition and Live & Layered Blood Analysis.  Since then, her practice has evolved, and she now exclusively practices Heilkunst Homeopathy, and is an Authentic Living Expert that specializes in helping women go from living a life that is 'expected' of them,  pleasing others, and making decisions based out of fear and self doubt to living authentic, joyful and inspired lives.

Darrell has been a manual therapist for the past 20+ years.  He has been exclusively practicing John Barnes Myofascial Release for over 10 years.  His passion lies in helping people who suffer from chronic pain to release unrecognized holding patterns and restrictions found in the body's connective tissue (fascia).

Meet Amelia


A holistic approach to health care that addresses your physical, mental and spiritual health

Myofascial Release

Have you been living with chronic pain? 

Do you feel like you've tried it all?

Do you feel resigned to the fact that this is how you'll have to live your life?

Have you been looking for a gentle, effective whole body approach that understands the mind/body connection?

Heilkunst Homeopathy

Have you been struggling to let go of old, outdated negative thought patterns?


Do you feel like you’ve tried it all? Counselling, meditation, self-help books, positive affirmations, etc., etc., which seem to work for awhile, only to find that the old negative thinking just creeps back in?


Have you been struggling with letting go of past hurts or traumas?  

Are you looking for a natural, holistic therapy to help you create more health, joy and resonance in your life?

Why Naturopathy

Why Transformative Health?

How we can help


Our mission is to guide our clients in becoming engaged in, empowered  by & excited by their healing journey.

Root Cause vs. Suppression

We strongly believe in getting to the root cause of disease rather than suppressing and palliating symptoms.


Stacey specializes in emotional wellbeing and helping people overcome depression, anxiety, & irritability & the physical issues that accompany them.

Women's Empowerment

What Stacey is really passionate about is 

helping women go from living a life that is 'expected' of them,  pleasing others, and making decisions based out of fear and self doubt to living authentic, joyful and inspired lives through Heilkunst treatment and her Empowerment Programs.

Myofascial Release

Can help with Fibromyalgia, post-surgical scarring, headaches, whiplash, pelvic pain, soft tissue injuries, TMJ dysfunction, back pain, digestive disorders (IBS, constipation, etc.), sciatica & much more!


“Initially when I came to Stacey for Heilkunst treatment, I was wanting to facilitate radiant health - physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I had no idea how beneficial it would be emotionally.  I had a history of anger, and worked it as far as I could work it. I just couldn’t get to the core of it.  Heilkunst treatment has profoundly helped.  I am no longer triggered into anger.  The storms just don’t come up like they used to.  I am impressed with the elegance of it, and appreciate that it works with sensitivities.  It is a highly spiritual tool that everyone should know about!” 

— Zoe W.


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