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Express Your Truth

8 STEP emotional empowerment PROGRAM



How to awaken to, embrace and express all of your emotions confidently, authentically and lovingly so that you can create more joy, health and intimacy in your life.

Ever come home feeling exhausted and resentful from putting on a happy face all day?


Ever feel terrified to say what you really think and feel, or even just let the real you hang out, because of the possibility of being rejected, or hurting other people's feelings?


Ever feel like if you were really you, the people in your life wouldn't like it, or be able to handle it?


Do you often feel like you're pretending that everything is 'good' so as not to make other people feel uncomfortable?


Do you often feel like you need to be the person people expect or want you to be?

Do you find it unbearable when people are mad at you?


Are you terrified of confrontation?

Are you the peacemaker in your family?

Are you extremely sensitive to other people's emotions?


Are you are starting to notice that you need more and more time alone to recharge?

You certainly aren't alone in this!

And it is absolutely not your fault!


Let’s face it, most of us don’t know what we’re doing when it comes to expressing emotions in a healthy and constructive way, because we just haven't been taught how to do it. 


We don't learn this stuff in school and our parents certainly didn't either.


So we've just done our best and learned to just put on a happy face and just get through our day, rather than be authentic!

Have you ever been called too emotional or overly sensitive because of having strong feelings about something?


Can you relate to biting your tongue and then stewing about a situation that you just didn't have the courage or know how to address? 

transformative health - empowerment prog

Or do you burst out crying when you're angry, because you don't know what else to do?

Well, it's time to change this stuffing paradigm and become empowered by our emotions so we don't need to live in fear of them, or let them rule our lives.  

Our ‘negative’ emotions are just as important as our ‘positive’ ones, and the only thing standing in our way of letting ALL of our emotions guide us rather than rule us, is knowing how to express them in a healthy and constructive way.

When we don't allow ourselves to delve into, and become comfortable with our uncomfortable emotions, then we are not allowing ourselves to experience the full range of our emotions.


Shutting down one leads to shutting down of the rest, so that we can't fully experience happiness, love and joy either. When we do this we are missing out on the full human experience.


Once we become comfortable with uncomfortable, we can also become more joyful, loving and great is that?

"Suppressing feeling is a deadening process which diminishes the body's inner pulsation, it's vitality, it's state of excitement. For this reason suppressing one feeling suppresses all others. If we suppress our fear we suppress our anger. Suppressing anger results in the suppression of love." - Alexander Lowen

What is empowerment?

As it applies to therapeutic intervention, the concept of empowerment refers to methods and practices that are specifically designed to boost feelings of autonomy and self-confidence. Empowerment allows those individuals to become emotionally stronger and more resilient, so that they may take/regain control over their lives and rights.

What are Empowerment programs?

Empowerment programs are a collection of practices and methods, often tailored by the practitioner offering the program, and given within a certain amount of time. Empowerment programs can sometimes have tiered stages that start off fairly easy and end with sessions that are more intensive. This tiered system is designed to ease the program participant along rather than exposing them to sessions that they are not yet mentally or emotionally prepared for. 

How can empowerment be Achieved? 

There are many ways to achieve personal empowerment, but they all tend to boil down to 4 key points that are necessary for an individual or group to feel empowered:

  • Know Yourself. It’s important to understand your personal strengths and weaknesses, as well as what motivates you.

  • Know Your Goals. If you can determine what is most necessary to you, you can create change.

  • Self-Development. You need to identify those skills and aspects of your personality that will allow you to achieve your goals. 

  • Assert Yourself. Take those first few steps, and then review and adjust your approach if necessary.

What does empowerment help with?

  • Releasing pent up emotion

  • Boosting positive self-expression

  • Feeling empowered by emotions rather than hindered by them

  • Achieving a deeper relationship with yourself

  • Becoming more joyful and confident

  • Achieving better clarity in what you are feeling

Personal empowerment essentially allows people to establish or regain a positive, assertive relationship with themselves and those in their environment. By doing so, they are enabling themselves to live their best life. 

Stacey Dye – Empowering Women to Take Control of Their Lives

My name is Stacey Dye, and I used to be such a 'nice girl' and a people pleaser that by the end of the day, my cheeks would ache from putting on a happy face! I am naturally a happy, bubbly person and so when I was a young girl, that became expected of me. If I was ever feeling 'off' or in a bad mood, I would certainly hear about it. I learned to hide my 'negative' emotions under a 'happy mask'.

The more I hid what I was really feeling, the more difficult it got to keep up that happy facade. By my 30's I started to isolate myself because I needed more and more time alone to recharge so that I could go back out there and keep up my happy face.

I started having unexpected blow ups because I had suppressed myself and bitten my tongue so much that needed to release some of the pressure that had been building and building. I would start crying at commercials, or if anyone said anything heartfelt to me, because I had so much crying that needed to be released.


I was experiencing anxiety and depression, because I was so terrified to just be who I was. I didn't think that anyone in my life would like or be able to handle the real me. I didn't even know how to start being the real me even if I wanted to, but I knew something desperately needed to change. 

stacey dye - empowerment program instruc

Once I became aware of my patterns of suppression, then released the lifetime of built up emotions, and learned how to consciously, lovingly and authentically express them, EVERYTHING changed.  


I started exploring what it was that fired me up, and what I loved to do, because I was so caught up in doing what was right for everyone else, I had no idea what was right for me! My self-love and self esteem skyrocketed and I no longer had trouble setting boundaries in a loving way. 


I am now living my genius, and doing what I love.  I have so much joy, expansion and inspiration in my life.  My relationship with my husband has completely transformed and our intimacy, love and understanding continues to blossom. I am able to share this knowledge and wisdom with my daughter and watching her express her emotions in a healthy, self-assured way brings me to tears of gratitude.

I have made it my mission to help women who are ready to take control of their lives and change the destructive patterns that have kept them from creating more joy, health and intimacy in their lives.

The emotional empowerment 8 step program is for you if....

You're tired of false positivity.  


You're ready to be who you are, come what may!

You're ready to release the lifetime of built up emotion that is affecting you mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually!  


You want to discover the tools and techniques necessary to express yourself effectively and constructively so you can honour yourself AND create more intimacy in your relationships.  

You want to be empowered and guided by your emotions rather than fearful of and ruled by them.

You want to deeper your relationship with your authentic self.

You want to create more joy, confidence and understanding around your emotional and spiritual life

You are a spiritually-minded woman who knows that there has to be a more enlightened way to express yourself.


You desire clarity about what it is you are actually feeling and what to do about it.

You are tired of living in fear and avoiding 'negative' feelings and instead want to be empowered by them.


You long for the confidence to say what you are really thinking and feeling in a way that honours yourself and your loved ones.


You want to feel comfortable in setting boundaries in a firm, yet loving way.


You want to feel joyful and comfortable expressing yourself authentically in all aspects of your life.

what you will receive when you sign up for the emotional empowerment 8 step program...

8 Bi-Weekly Liberate, Empower & Transform Modules that outline step-by step:


  • How to identify when you are suppressing or avoiding an uncomfortable emotion. A lot of times we've become so good at this that we have NO IDEA when we're actually doing it.

  • How to become conscious of our 'escape strategies' (trust me, you have more than you think!)

  • How to identify when you are operating out of a false belief and how to change them. 

  • How to detect when and how suppressed emotion is affecting you both physically, mentally and emotionally.

  • When it is actually appropriate to get angry or set boundaries, and how to express it in a healthy, and constructive way.

  • How to take responsibility for your 'stuff'.

  • How to honour your feelings. 

  • How to remain present, grounded and objective when faced with other people's 'stuff'.

  • How to reconnect to your power and your assertiveness.

  • Exercises that will help to release years of built up suppressed emotion and stop new suppression in it's tracks!

  • How to express yourself lovingly, constructively and authentically....



  • Access to a private Facebook group so you can connect with other like-minded women on the same journey and receive extra support from Stacey.

  • Downloadable, comprehensive Express Your Truth workbook.

  • Lifetime access to all the videos, workbook, summaries and exercises, so you can check back in to make sure you're on track!


Candice Tasker

“I really do thank you, Stacey.  The way you brought the course from Awareness, to Escape Patterns, to our False Beliefs, to our Archetypes etc., it really helped me to see ‘me’ and what I’m believing in falsely, and it really broke it down into manageable pieces, where before it was just overwhelming.  I knew there was stuff but I couldn’t really categorize it or voice it.  It was much more manageable the way you presented this material.  It really helped me.  I feel like I’ve grown so much in awareness in these past two months.” 

Testimonials for our empowerment programs


Trish Hoy

"Stacey introduced me to the Program, and the sessions met my needs on a deep level and the exercises were creative and helpful in terms of meeting up with my anger and fears and helped in a practical way to move forward. They were simple but very, very powerful.  I found that Stacey's genuine approach and compassion met me where I was at and she didn't judge me and she accepted who I was in those moments.  I felt tremendously supported and safe.  I moved through the sessions with confidence and enthusiasm, and I felt empowered.  I felt like these old, deep rooted sub-conscious patterns were beginning to be dissolved and felt a new sense of freedom, joy and new found confidence."


Susan Heffernan

Dear Stacey, 

Thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with us through your program “Emotional Empowerment”.


What a great program after peeling away layers of conditioning and not learning healthy ways to express and feel my way through; grief, loss, anger and many others emotions seen in our society as negative. The expression of such emotions being discouraged, often not permitted and from childhood being banished into isolation, until the feelings were stuffed, learning unhealthy ways of coping with the strong emotions.


This was the best self help program I have ever done, and the transformation I am seeing in myself is amazing.

I feel like I now have a foundation, from which I can build and manage, the strong emotions I experience. You have taught us to recognize false beliefs, how to change our false beliefs, express our emotions, recognizing that emotions are (neither good or bad)…. techniques for releasing the emotional energy. 

Paying attention to our emotional reactions gives us valuable information that allows us to be engaging fully in life with what we love, healthy in what we do, finding joy in each and everyday.


Not hiding, stuffing or being silent but. finding confidence able to express, our needs, wants, desires, likes and dislikes. Honest and authentic… Thank you for your support and encouragement.

With great appreciation
Susan Heffernan

Emotional empowerment program options

We all love options! 


So, I have created 3 amazing program options for you to choose from. 


Choose the one that works best for you!

Program Options

Bloom Package


This package includes:  

8 Bi-Weekly Liberate, Empower & Transform Modules (incl. Weekly Instructional Video, Comprehensive Worksheet, Summary and various tools, exercises and resources)

Private Facebook Group Support

Regular $497 US. Save$300!



Connect Package


This package includes:  

The 8 Bi-Weekly Liberate, Empower & Transform Modules 

8 x 60 minute online group meetings with an intimate group of supportive women

Private Facebook Group Support

Only runs once a year.


Beach Fun

Ignite Package


This package includes:


The 8 Liberate, Empower & Transform Modules.


The Facebook Support PLUS bi-weekly, private, 30 minute one-on-one calls with Stacey so you can really supercharge your success!

Regular $1497 US. Save $500!


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